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Global Authors Publications

Publication Packages

Global Authors Publications

Cost: $2000

This cost covers:

  • ISBN Number
  • Registration in Books in Print
  • Library of Congress control number
  • Copy editing: This is spelling and grammar only. Your content is yours alone and will not be changed. You will have a quality editor like Barbara Sachs Sloan
  • Formatting: may choose options of select font and size, drop letters, general appearance and layout of your book
  • Cover DesignYou may choose one or more photographs from our stock library of thousands. We can also use a high quality slide or digital image of your own if you prefer. If you wish and author photo either on the back cover or within you must furnish it either digitally or in a slide or photograph. A basic illustrated cover is also included. If you wish to go with a more elaborate illustrated dover, there may be extra cost. Your cover will be professionally designed with your input.
  • Your book and a link to your site posted on GAP's website
  • Your book is listed with Ingram and Baker and Taylor
  • Printing by Lightning Source Inc.: GAP gets your book to the printer ready to print. You are responsible for the cost of any books you choose to order, including a proof copy which can be provided if you choose. You are also responsible for the cost of an ad in Ingram's catalogue ($50) if you choose to run the add
  • The right to order your book at cost: You will pay a yearly fee of just $150 to cover the record keeping of this and sending out of your royalties. You may order any number of books up to 12 times per year.
  • You will be sent 100% or your royalties: GAP will send the printer's statement to show your full sales as computed by the printer.

Additional costs if you choose:

If you wish a more elaborate artist rendition for a cover instead of a photograph, GAP will negotiate a fair price and pay the first $100 of the cost of the artwork out of your fee. We will put you in contact with the artist so you can negotiate personally if you wish or we will handle the arrangements. Basic plans must use the photographic cover. However, you will still work with the creator to produce the best possible cover for your book. 

If you wish black and white photographs within your book, there will be additional charges based on the type and number of photographs involved. GAP can now do color interior books

If you wish to have a decorative graphic placed at the beginning of a chapter or other special graphic inserted in the book, that will cost extra.

What we strive to do is put the control of your book into your own hands. We will do it your way.

Let's look at the black and white, or perhaps we should say "the green" since it's your hard earned dollars we are talking about here:

Which kind of publishing is best for you? Let's look at traditional publishers, print on demand and GAP:

Traditional Publishers:

They take your book and pay you a royalty and maybe an advance. They take control and pay you only anywhere from 10 to 15 percent. You do not get this until your advance is paid back.  You do most of your own promotion unless you are a "name" author.  When they are ready to retire it they just take it off the market.  So, say you get the big 15% royalty, your book sells for say $14 and you get $2.10 per sale. 

Most Print on Demand

The companies charge you an average of about $500. ( many charge more and some charge less)  They set the price of your book usually at a higher than market value. Then they let you buy it at a discount that has you buying your own book at an average of 50% to 60% of its real value. (Iuniverse, for example, lets you buy it at 45% off the inflated price).  Royalties vary widely but are relatively useless unless the book is returnable so chain stores can stock it. Your only sales have to come from online sales or your own sales. You do all your own promotion and you are fighting an uphill battle since you cannot discount it the acceptable 40% to sell it to stores. Even small stores have to make a profit and have to have that discount.  Example: You pay POD $500 for your 188 page book. They price it at $15. You order 500 books to sell. That will cost you $4125 (based on Iuniverse's 45% discount. Remember this may be slightly more or less.) and you still have to try and sell that overpriced non-returnable book. You buy it at $8.25 and sell it for the $15 you only make $6.75 per book retail.

Global Authors Publications

GAP lets you buy at cost. We make the books returnable so you can have a chance to convince chain bookstores to try them. It's available through Ingram or Baker and Taylor so you have a better chance of getting some royalties.  

Average book costs you: 
108 pages: $2.52312 pages: $5.60

To this the printer adds $1.59 per order and shipping charges.  Books usually arrive at your door within a week of the order and can be rushed for an additional charge.  You can see how this will keep you in the green (as in profits from your sales.)

GAP originally costs to publish your book: $2000
Yearly Fee:                                                       $175You buy 500 of your 265 page book:               $18885
Your total cost here comes to: $4060

And that's no counting all the other advantages like being able to price that book at a saleable figure and still discount it so you can sell it wholesale to small bookstores. Then there is a good chance you have of getting your book into the chain stores and doing signings at prestigious stores. You can keep it on the market as long as you want. It's your decision. 

Where would you like to see all the extra profit from your books go?  To a traditional publisher, a print on demand, or into your own pocket?

GAP shows you a better way to put more of the profit in your own pocket.
If what you have seen sounds good to you,