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Global Authors Publications

"We fill the GAP in publishing!"

Site is under construction but will be complete soon. 

GAP is now accepting high quality work by motivated authors.

Authors, are you tired of rejections from New York publishers?

Don't want the expense or hassle of self publishing?

Welcome to the new world of Global Authors Publications. We are different! GAP offers the best of both worlds.

Now you can have the convenience and low cost of print on demand and the returnability and pricing of your own self publishing company. 

Global Authors Publications was started in 2003 to provide a fair and just publisher focused on each author's needs first. We take care of the technical needs, leaving the author open to do writing and marketing. 

Here are just a few of the comments I have received about GAP from satisfied authors:

"GAP fits my bill perfectly as my needs are different than most authors because of the publicity I have had and continue to have. I want a top quality book that I can sell and GAP gives me that. You and your company are a blessing!!! Nothing beats the personal touch and the staff at GAP provides a personal touch unequalled." - Wildwood Dean, author of Treasure River and River of dreams

"I'm so very thankful that I found you, because if I had used any other publisher, I wouldn't be making any money at all on my book." -- Rosetta Mowery, author of Tragedy in Tin Can Holler